Gesher Gan

Gesher Gan

Gesher Gan Internship
June 13 - August 12, 2018

We are delighted to invite you to apply for the Gesher Gan 2018 program. Gesher Gan is open to entering 12th graders. It is a challenging eight-and-a-half week leadership program that offers participants the opportunity to develop skills as interns at Gan Alonim Day Camp. Prior Alonim experience is helpful but not necessary, and we welcome applications from a variety of individuals.

There will be up to 36 total positions available in the Gesher Gan 2018 program. We expect to receive more applications than the number of available spaces, meaning we will need to turn away a number of applicants. If you or your parents/guardians are not prepared to accept the possibility that you may not be selected for this program, please do not apply.

Gesher Gan is not just “another year at camp.” Gesher Gan requires a great amount of commitment from participants. It is animated by the philosophy of learning through experience. Participants spend weekdays with campers, receiving ongoing practical training and guidance. All Gesher Gan Interns will be guided and supported by the Gan Alonim Day Camp administration, as well as by veteran staff serving as Gesher Gan Mentors. Participants focusing in specialty areas will also work closely with the Alonim staff members who head up those areas for camp. All Gesher Gan Interns will have time regularly set aside for training, collaborating, “imagineering” (program development and execution), and reflecting. Just as the Camp Alonim staff is “One Staff,” with people performing a variety of roles that each require caring for kids and leading activities, all Gesher Gan Interns will work together as one Gesher cohort to help create the Gan Alonim Day Camp experience.

Below are various potential Gan Alonim Day Camp internship positions for which you may apply:

Art Music/Songleading
Counselor Performing Arts
Dance Ropes
Horses Sports
Lifeguard/Pool Teva

When you apply, you will have opportunities to select all of the potential positions that interest you and to indicate if you have any preferences.

All Gesher Gan Interns live together in a separate area of camp. In the evenings and on weekends, the group enjoys recreational activities, cultural programs, and leadership training. Approximately once a week, all Gesher Gan Interns travel together out of camp for fun outings -- past outings have included bowling, visits to Santa Monica Pier, laser tag, and Dodger games. Shabbat is spent with the Alonim community in a shared experience of joyous celebration, rest, and renewal.

Gesher Gan Interns receive one day off each week, except for the first week (orientation) and the last week of the summer. For time off, Gesher Gan Interns leave camp Saturday night shortly after Havdalah and return Sunday evening after dinner. We recognize that making arrangements for time off can create anxiety for some Gesher Gan Interns whose families do not live locally. For 2018, we will solicit volunteer host families and make that information available to all Gesher Gan Interns prior to the summer. Although it is the responsibility of each Gesher Gan Intern (not Camp Alonim) to make his/her own time-off arrangements in consultation with his/her own parents/guardians, we will also check in with each Gesher Gan Intern each week regarding the status of his/her plans for the upcoming weekend, and the Gesher Gan Mentors will be present when each Gesher Gan Intern signs out each Saturday evening. We are fortunate that an increasing number of families from other geographic areas are choosing Camp Alonim as their “home away from home,” and we are committed to doing our part to support all Alonimers.

Due to rising costs of activities for participants in this program and to support a greater level of activities and leadership training, there will be a $600 fee to participate in Gesher Gan. Room, board, programming, and supplies including the end-of-summer t-shirt are provided. Upon successful completion of the program, Gesher Gan Interns receive 300 hours of community service credit.

Gesher Gan Interns are expected to participate for the entire length of the program. The only exception is for individuals whose academic schedules overlap with the program dates -- if this applies to you, you must inform us when you apply. Other than that, requests to miss part of the program are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and are usually not granted. Any such requests must be made at the time of application to the program by emailing

We hope you will consider applying for Gesher Gan 2018. To apply, click here or go to

Applications must be submitted online by Monday, February 19, 2018 to be considered. After we receive your application, you will be instructed on how to set up an interview. In-person interviews will be conducted at Camp Alonim on Sunday, February 25 from 11 am – 5 pm, and at the American Jewish University’s Familian Campus on Wednesday, January 24 from 2 pm – 5 pm, Thursday, February 1 from 2 pm – 5 pm, and on Wednesday, February 7 from 3pm – 7pm. Candidates who do not live in Los Angeles, Ventura, or Orange Counties will have the option of being interviewed via Skype. Decisions regarding the Gesher Gan program will be emailed to applicants in the week of March 5.

Finally, please keep in mind that Gesher Gan is a very specific program: a day camp internship experience. Your participation or lack thereof in Gesher Gan will have no bearing on either your existing connection with your Alonim community or your future ability to be considered for jobs at camp. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Aaron Goldberg, Assistant Director, at 877-2-ALONIM (877-225-6646) or

American Jewish University

''My highlight of camp was bonding with all of the JCITs, dancing, and singing as a group during song session.'' -Jessica Cohen, JCIT '08

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