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Family camp offers fun and connection for adults and for children up to 7th grade. We welcome people of any level of Jewish knowledge, observance, and engagement. Wherever you are on your Jewish journey, we invite you to join us for this unique weekend experience.

Camp Alonim is a non-denominational community that creates an environment where everyone can feel comfortable and stimulated, while offering participants many opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. It is not affiliated with any particular Jewish denomination or movement.

Teen Weekend: We are pleased to be offering an Alonim Teen Weekend experience for campers currently in 8th, 9th, and 10th grades. While these teens will be living in their own bunks with their own counselors and will largely be engaged in programming separate from what is being offered during Family Camp, the entire camp community will be enjoying meals together as well as various activities that make Shabbat at Alonim so special. Registration for the Teen Weekend can be found at:


Enrollment for Family Camp 2021 will open later this year. 


Camp Alonim is at the Brandeis-Bardin Campus of American Jewish University. Located in Simi Valley, the campus sits on 2,700 acres of picturesque rolling hills and valleys only 30-45 minutes from Los Angeles. We are a short drive from the 118 Freeway’s Tapo Canyon exit.

Registration begins at 3:00 pm. Activities will begin at 4:00 pm. When you arrive at the Brandeis-Bardin campus, you will be directed to Silberman Childcare Center to park your car and register for the weekend. It is not a problem if you are unable to arrive until later – whenever you do arrive, we will welcome you and your children into the program. Our weekend will conclude on Sunday at 11:00 am. 

Adults as well as children in kindergarten and younger are housed in private cabins/bungalows in the Adult Conference Center. Each of these rooms is equipped with heating/air conditioning, a private bathroom and shower, and ample closet space. Linens and towels will be provided. We have some cribs available upon request in advance; subject to availability, one will be placed in your room. Children in 1st grade and older get to enjoy the experience of sleeping in Camp Alonim bunks with other children their age and will be supervised by our staff of trained counselors. Children are grouped and assigned to bunks based on grade level and gender. Each bunk will have heating/ceiling-fans, an indoor bathroom with showers, and cubbies and hanging racks for clothing and personal items. There are bunk beds in each bunk. Linens and towels will be provided. Counselors who are the same gender as the campers will sleep in the bunks. Camp Alonim’s bunk area will also be supervised by a Head Counselor. Note: if a bunk-age child prefers to be housed with his/her parents, we will accommodate such a request; however, we do urge families to try having their kids stay in the bunks. We find that bunking with counselors and other children their age often makes for a richer experience overall, including nighttime activities and rest-time with friends, and is a great opportunity to see their readiness for sleep-away camp. If you eventually decide to move your child to a parent’s room for the second night, such a request will be accommodated.

The dress for the weekend is informal and casual. It is often warm during the day, but it can get cold at night. Sometimes it rains. We will provide more information about packing as the weekend gets closer.

Family Camp promises to be an enjoyable Shabbat retreat experience. Escape the city and surround yourself with nature, family, and friends!

Celebrate Shabbat in a joyful setting with singing, dancing, and prayer. Energize your mind and spirit, and develop and deepen friendships. While you’re here, take advantage of the activities and programs available, including hiking, climbing on our adventure course, horseback riding, art, music, Israeli dance, archery, and yoga.

Fun-filled, age-appropriate programs and activities for children and families will be provided!

The adult experience will consist of activities in which adults will be able to get to know one another better, deepen their Jewish connections with one another, and enjoy some favorite camp activities that are geared to adults. Adults will have the opportunity to learn with our visiting scholars and long-time Alonimers, Rabbi Ken Chasen and Allison Lee. Ken is currently the Senior Rabbi of Leo Baeck Temple in Los Angeles. He is a leading activist and prolific author on a wide variety of social justice matters in the U.S. and Israel. He was the Camp Alonim Music Director and Educator in the late 80s and early 90s. Allison is currently the Vice President of External Affairs at Bet Tzedek. She also has served as American Jewish World Service’s (AJWS) Founding Executive Director. Both Ken and Allison have been back with their children to Alonim every summer since 2005.

Led by our Camp Alonim counselors, the camper experience will include many exciting camp activities. There will be time for sports, games, nature hikes, art projects, and indoor and outdoor fun while the adults are in their own programs.
There will be ample time for families to enjoy Family Camp activities together.
Child care is provided for the youngest kids! We have an incredible staff of early childhood educators ready with a daytime age-appropriate program for infants through kindergarteners. If a parent is ever needed, the childcare staff will have a schedule of all the activities on hand so that

We do! Time will be set aside each evening for parents to put their younger children to bed in their rooms. Once the children have gone to sleep (or you feel comfortable that they are settled for the evening), feel free to leave the room. In your welcome packet will be a “Child in Room” sign to place on your door at night so that the childcare staff knows your child is inside without a parent and that we need to provide supervision. In addition to putting up that sign, you will also check in with the childcare staff member on duty. Each building will have staff roving outside of the rooms needing supervision who will regularly check in on your children. Before you return to your room to retire for the evening, you will check in with the staff member on duty and then remove your door sign for the night. Childcare staff will be on duty outside children’s rooms until 11:30 pm. At that time, one parent needs to check in and be back in the room.

Campers who sleep in Alonim bunks will enjoy bedtime activities led by their counselors. Once the campers are asleep or the bunk is settled for the evening, counselors will meet in the bunk area with the Head Counselor while teams of other counselors act as “shmira,” roving the bunk area and checking in on the campers frequently until all counselors return to the bunks to sleep. If a camper ever needs anything at night, Alonim staff members are visible and easily accessible.

We observe Shabbat at camp. We use instruments during Shabbat services and amplify sound and music from time to time. Our Shabbat activities do not require writing. Our kitchen is Glatt Kosher and is under Orthodox rabbinic supervision.

On the enrollment application we ask about any dietary needs you have so that we can make sure the kitchen will be able to accommodate them. At dairy meals we always provide a dairy-free option, and at meat meals there are vegetarian and vegan options. Camp Alonim is nut-free. The kitchen will NOT be serving or cooking anything with nuts, including peanuts.

Some providers do get reception (currently, T-Mobile and Verizon), but since Brandeis-Bardin is located in a valley, there is no guarantee that your cell phone will get reception equally everywhere. Check your provider’s website for coverage (the ZIP code is 93064).

While we will provide sports equipment for use on our soccer field, baseball diamond, tennis court, and basketball courts, feel free to bring any of your own equipment, too. Musical instruments and group games are welcomed and encouraged!  


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