An Experience Unlike Any Other

Being a CIT at Camp Alonim is an experience unlike any other.

I’ve spent each summer and winter at Alonim since 2014 and I’ve had the incredible opportunity to become part of a community that is so much bigger than myself. I’ve never felt this way more than after being a CIT this past summer.

While there are countless differences between being a CIT and an ordinary camper, the biggest and most influential difference was living in the CIT area. Living in the CIT area was quite a transformative experience. Living in the typical camper bunk area is one thing, but sharing a communal living space with about 60 of my peers taught me more than I could ever imagine about myself and how to interact with others. Being in your own area, you have an awesome amount of freedom to explore, lounge, play, and do practically whatever comes to mind with your friends. After eight weeks of living in the same area with the same people, you can imagine how creative the group can get with their pastimes. This freedom to live cooperatively with your peers for such an extended period of time is an experience I could never have had if I wasn’t a CIT at Camp Alonim.

Outside of the CIT area, CITs bear many responsibilities that keep camp running smoothly. Whether CITs are serving tables during meals as toranut, planning and executing an all camp activity, or serving as apprentices to specialists, CITs really help keep camp running behind the scenes. These responsibilities instill a great sense of pride and community among the CIT group.

Between living in the CIT area and working together to help camp function, the CIT group becomes a family and forever shares a bond with each other in and out of camp. The CIT program is special. The CIT program helps transform campers into leaders. But most importantly, the CIT program is fun. Aside from the tremendous growth I experienced throughout my CIT summer, I had so much fun doing it. Being in such a special place with such special people for so long is just a blast and is something everybody should have the opportunity to go through. I would not be the person I am today without the CIT program and the most awesome summer of my life.

— Max C. (CIT 2021)