Music has always played an integral role in Alonim’s Jewish culture and tradition. Below are a couple of recordings of the most cherished and oft-sung songs from the Alonim and Brandeis-Bardin songbook.

“Work of the Week”

Long-time Camp Alonim Director, Arthur Pinchev, wrote and composed this original Shabbat Song for Alonim. “Work of the Week” has become an integral part of our Shabbat Evening Song Sessions — connecting our community throughout the generations. Below is a recording of Arthur performing “Work of the Week” in the Alonim Rec Hall in 1982.

Brandeis-Bardin Havdalah

Written and performed by original Brandeis-Bardin Music Director, Max Helfman, this melody for the Havdalah service has been sung every summer Saturday night for the last 60 plus years. Every Alonimer remembers coming together as a community standing in concentric circles under the twinkling starts in the sky. Helfman wrote this melody especially for the Alonim and the Brandeis-Bardin Institute (now Brandeis-Bardin Campus of American Jewish University) so that every Jew who came to camp, regardless of their level of Jewish observance at home, would be on equal footing when learning this melody and practicing Judaism at Alonim.


Alonim’s Lullaby

This recording of Rad HaYom was created in the 1970s at Alonim. Rad Hayom has served as Camp Alonim’s beloved Lullaby for generations.


Rad HaYom, Shemesh Dom, Kochavim Notzitzim Bamarom

Laila Ba, Baleil m’nucha, Shalom, Shalom, Shalom


Day is ended, the sun has set, stars sparkle in the heavens. Night comes, a night of rest and peace.