Camp Affordability & Scholarship Assistance

We never want finances to prevent a camper from experiencing the magic of Camp Alonim. The list of Frequently Asked Questions below is a good starting place to learn about how to apply for scholarships, but it is certainly not an exhaustive list of answers to the questions you may have. We know each family is unique and we invite you to contact Jenn Simpson, Enrollment and Communications Manager, directly at alonim@aju.edu or 877-225-6646 with any questions about camp scholarships.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a scholarship from Camp Alonim?

Our scholarship application is available only after you enroll for camp. Please first enroll online. While completing the online enrollment application, be sure to answer ‘yes’ for this question: Need-based scholarships are available for Camp Alonim. Would you like to receive more information about how to apply for a scholarship? We will then give you access to the online scholarship application after confirming your enrollment. An anonymous Scholarship Committee meets regularly to review applications and then you will be notified by email.

What will I need to submit as part of my application?

Following your successful online enrollment for camp, the Scholarship Committee will only consider your application when all of the following have been received:

  1. A completed scholarship application form for each camper for whom you are requesting aid.
  2. A short statement detailing your financial need and reasons for your scholarship request.
  3. Copies of your completed and signed 2022 or 2023 Federal tax return (Form 1040). We strongly prefer to receive 2023 tax returns if available.

In keeping with the highest levels of tzedakah, we honor your confidentiality and recognize your place as a valued member of the Alonim community. Although we must require certain documentation and information to process your request for aid, it is not the committee’s intention to embarrass families in any way. Camp Alonim is dedicated to helping as many families who are in need as possible.

What if I do not have tax returns from 2022 or 2023?

If you have not filed taxes as recently as 2022, you can send in your most recent tax returns. In addition, you must provide your W-2(s) from 2023. Additional financial information may be requested from the Scholarship Committee.

How much aid should I apply for?

No amount is too big or too small. We ask that you only request the amount that is necessary for your child to be able to attend camp.

How much aid can I expect to receive?

Our Scholarship Committee typically gives awards ranging from 5-70% of the total tuition fees for the applicable session(s). Camp Alonim does not award full scholarships.

What if I cannot afford the required deposit for camp?

A deposit is required in order for your scholarship application to be considered. Please call Jenn Simpson, Enrollment and Communications Manager, at 877-225-6646, if you are unable to pay the full deposit at this time or have any concerns.

What if the assistance I receive is not enough for me to afford camp?

Our goal is to help you get to camp! If the award you receive is not enough to afford the camp tuition, or if something has changed since the time you submitted your scholarship application (such as a new financial hardship), you may submit a letter of appeal to the Scholarship Committee requesting additional aid. For more information about how to submit a letter of appeal, contact Jenn Simpson, Enrollment and Communications Manager, at alonim@aju.edu or 877-225-6646.

Additionally, we do offer payment plans so that you can pay for camp over several months leading up to your child’s session start date. The Jewish Free Loan Association offers interest-free loans for Jewish summer camp. Some synagogues also offer camp scholarships.

If, after we have explored all available options, the remaining camp tuition will not be manageable for your family, you can receive a full refund of any fees paid to date provided you cancel camp by emailing alonim@aju.edu within the window of time stated in your scholarship notification letter.

Is there a deadline to apply for scholarship?

Scholarship applications are due March 1, 2024. After March 1, applications are reviewed on a rolling basis as remaining funds permit. We encourage you to submit your scholarship application as soon as possible. The Scholarship Committee will review applications and you will then receive a written notification of your award by email.

I think I might earn too much money to qualify for a camp scholarship. Should I still apply?

Yes! It is our goal to assist as many families who need assistance as possible. The biggest mistake you can make is not to enroll in camp because you think it’s not worth it to apply for a scholarship that you, in fact, need.

Are there other forms of aid or camp discounts available to me?

There are a few options you can explore.

One Happy Camper
If your child has never been to Jewish overnight summer camp, you are eligible for a “One Happy Camper” first-time grant this summer! Only a limited number of first-time grants are available. As soon as possible after you enroll, please visit onehappycamper.org and apply for the grant. (Mini Session campers are unfortunately not eligible for this grant.)

Jewish Professional Discount
Year-round Jewish communal professionals receive 10% off the summer camp regular tuition rate for their children. If you qualify, please submit proof of current employment (e.g., business card or pay stub) to alonim@aju.edu after submitting enrollment application. It will be applied to your account after your enrollment is processed. If you are not sure if your job qualifies, please email or call Jenn Simpson, Enrollment and Communications Manager: alonim@aju.edu or 877-225-6646.

Many synagogues offer scholarships (“camperships”) for members of the congregation. Call your synagogue to find out if there are any funds available.

Jewish Free Loan
The Jewish Free Loan Association (www.jfla.org) provides interest-free loans.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions about applying for scholarship?

Jenn Simpson, Enrollment and Communications Manager, handles all scholarship inquiries and would be happy to walk you through the process. Feel free to contact her by email at alonim@aju.edu or by phone at 877-225-6646.


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