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The more people who go to Camp Alonim, the better the world will be. In your heart, you know that’s true – but why? Is it because of all the fun our campers have on Peppertree Lane? Is it the unparalleled Jewish setting that welcomes everyone and judges no one? Is it because of the friendships that deepen while hiking up CIT Hill, walking down from HOB, or hanging at the Canteen for one last hug?

The more people who go to Camp Alonim, the better the world will be because of all those things – and so much more:

  • It’s because campers share bunks with kids who are different than them. In doing so, they learn the building blocks of citizenship and community: listening, tolerance, speaking up, compromise, and including everyone.
  • It’s because of our innovative Yachad program when teens gather around the campfire to let their guards down, open up about gender expectations and peer pressures, and realize that “we’re all a little broken and that’s what makes us whole” – to quote a beloved song written at Alonim by a longtime camper.
  • It’s because of a remarkably dedicated staff, all of them filled with purpose, who turn down higher-paying jobs elsewhere because, as one tells us, “I impact these kids and teach them to love themselves and be better human beings.”
  • It’s because of parents who kvell: “Alonim is an anchor for my son. It is the place where he is his best self. He comes home happy, strong, and renewed. Without the gracious generosity of the financial aid through Alonim, we could never make this happen.”

Summers spent at Alonim means that children enjoy the beauty of Judaism as it infuses every day – whether our campers are hiking with their counselors at sunrise, growing vegetables in our garden, making a Havdalah candle in the art room, singing after lunch, learning Torah with creative educators, climbing on our adventure course while friends cheer, Israeli folk dancing as the sun sets, sharing stories around a campfire, or simply enjoying the unique tranquility and community of an Alonim Shabbat.


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