Overnight Camp Leadership & Staff

Hiring and training great staff is central to Camp Alonim’s continued success.

Each summer we employ over 100 staff members who work day and night to ensure camp is safe, successful, fun, and unforgettable. Through an extensive interview process, we carefully select our outstanding staff members.

Counselor reading to campers on the grass
Counselor smiling with campers for a photo

Camp Alonim staff members represent diverse backgrounds, and each brings something special to our camp community. These staff come from all over the world and many were campers at Alonim themselves. We reinforce our staff’s strong commitment to care and responsibility through extensive training in their roles, Camp Alonim procedures, and child development.

Our staff can be broken down into a few categories:


Supervisory Staff

Our supervisory staff receive additional training, and are each responsible for overseeing a certain age group or area of camp. Each supervisory staff member is directly supervised by one of the full-time year-round staff.

Head Counselors

Each division age group has one head counselor responsible for supervising bunk counselors, ensuring the division programs are of high quality, running meals in the dining hall, and making sure each camper in the division is having a great summer.

Activity Leaders

Similar to a Head Counselor, the activity leader runs each specialty area of camp (pool, horseback riding, etc.). While supervising the specialists in their area, they are responsible for developing and implementing the curriculum in their programming. Activity leaders work with their specialists to come up with great programming in chuggim, specialty focus, and bunk activity times.

Bunk Counselors

Each bunk at Alonim is overseen by two full-time, college-aged counselors. Our counselors’ entire responsibility throughout each day is to spend time with their campers. The only time bunk counselors are typically apart from their campers is during elective activities. Almost all our bunk counselors were campers at Alonim themselves, and most have gone through our Counselor in Training (CIT) program.


Specialists work in each specialty area (cooking, sports, etc.), running specialties and bunk times. These highly specialized staff are experts in what they do and go through extensive training specific to their specialty area prior to campers arriving for the summer. In addition, many specialists are assigned to a cabin when they are not working in their area. These specialists, affectionally called “buncles” and “baunties” provide additional support in the bunk.

Auxiliary Staff

In addition to these main groups, we have many other staff (Health Center, facilities & maintenance, food service staff, etc.) who work tirelessly to make camp successful. Every staff member, from security to head chef and counselor, is essential to delivering the high-quality camp experience we promise our campers and families.

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