Camp Alonim Terms and Conditions

Below are the current Terms and Conditions for Camp Alonim. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change. Enrolled families will receive notifications of changes directly.


Winter Camp:
A $150 cancellation fee will be charged for Winter Camp cancellations made by November 30, 2023. A $250 cancellation fee will be charged for Winter Camp cancellations made between December 1 and December 11. After December 11, the Winter Camp cancellation fee is the entire tuition amount. Any requested Winter Camp cancellations must be submitted in writing to alonim@aju.edu.

Summer Camp:
All Camp Alonim summer sessions are fully refundable until February 1, 2024. The cancellation fee for Sessions Rishon, Rishon A, Rishon B, and Session Sheini, between February 2 and April 30 is $250, and between May 1 and June 1 is $500. The cancellation fee for Mini Session A and Mini Session B between February 2 and April 30 is $150, and between May 1 and June 1 is $250. The cancellation fee for CIT Summer between February 2 and April 30 is $400, and between May 1 and June 1 is $800. After June 1, the cancellation fee for Sessions Rishon, Rishon A, Rishon B, Session Sheini, Mini A and Mini B Sessions, and CIT Summer, is the entire tuition amount for the applicable session(s). Cancellation fee payments cannot be applied to other campers’ tuition, other sessions, or possible future enrollments. Any requested Camp Alonim cancellations must be submitted in writing to alonim@aju.edu.


Camp Alonim reserves the right to dismiss a camper whose behavior or influence detracts from or is contrary to the camp Community Expectations or camp program, or whose behavior is deemed dangerous to the camp community or the individual camper. This determination is at the sole discretion of the Camp Director. In the event of such a dismissal, the entire camp fee is forfeited to Camp Alonim, any remaining balance becomes due immediately, and no refund will be given. Campers who are enrolled for multiple sessions of the same summer and are dismissed are not eligible to return to camp for any other sessions that summer, with all summer camp fees being forfeited to Camp Alonim and no refunds given.


THE BALANCE OF YOUR SUMMER CAMP TUITION MUST BE RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE MAY 1, 2024 OR TWO WEEKS AFTER THE DATE YOUR CHILD’S ENROLLMENT IS CONFIRMED BY THE CAMP, WHICHEVER IS LATER. Payments cannot be taken over the phone. A $75 late fee will automatically be applied to your account if your payment is not received by the applicable deadline. All returned checks are subject to a $30 bank fee.

Failure or refusal to pay the balance of the camp tuition by the deadline may result in the camp’s cancellation of your child’s enrollment and the charging of the applicable cancellation fee as set forth above.


Failure to pick up your child on time according to your registration for that day will result in a mandatory $25 fee for each occurrence.


There are no tuition reductions for late arrival or early departure from camp. If a child is picked up from camp early, or if a camper goes or is sent home from camp for medical reasons, no refund will be given.

Campers are not permitted to leave camp during the session unless permission is obtained from the camp in writing at the time of enrollment. The camp ordinarily does not permit campers to arrive late, to leave camp during the session, or to depart early. For example, requests to miss camp for family celebrations, trips, friends’ Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, sporting events, concerts, and medical appointments are typically not granted. Please select a session that does not conflict with such activities. Campers who leave camp during the session without prior written authorization from the camp will not be permitted to return, with the entire tuition amount being forfeited and any remaining balance becoming due immediately.


Various post-enrollment forms including a Physician Examination form, a complete Immunization record, a Participant Agreement, and a Community Expectations form will be required for your child’s admission to camp. Failure or refusal to complete and submit any required form by the deadline(s) may result in the camp’s cancellation of your child’s enrollment and the charging of the applicable cancellation fee as set forth above.


For these Terms and Conditions, “medications” refers to all over-the-counter and prescription medications.

All daily and as-needed medications must be provided to the Health Center staff at the beginning of the session to be dispensed by the camp medical staff. Possession of medications by a camper is forbidden without written permission from the Health Center.

For Winter Camp: a $25 per-camper medication fee will be charged for medication (daily or as-needed) that is dropped off at the beginning of the session.

For Summer Camp:For health and safety reasons, Camp Alonim requires that families of summer sleepaway campers who take daily medications (prescription or over-the-counter medications) use Wellspring Pharmacy, a pre-packaging medication program that dispenses, packages, and ships medications directly to camp prior to campers’ arrival. The only exceptions to this requirement are if Wellspring notifies the camp in advance that it is unable to accept a family’s insurance or is unable to dispense a medication. Wellspring charges per-camper (not per-medication) packaging/shipping fees for this service: $50 for campers attending up to 30 days of camp; $80 for campers attending over 30 days of camp (does not include the cost of medicine). Campers who only take as-needed medications, as well as campers whose insurance is not accepted by Wellspring, will instead directly provide the Health Center staff with such items upon campers’ arrival at camp and then be charged the $50 per-camper medication fee ($80 for campers attending over 30 days) by the camp. Campers who will have both daily medications through Wellspring and as-needed medications that are dropped off will only be charged a fee by Wellspring, not by the camp. Families with campers who will take daily medication at camp, and who are eligible to use Wellspring but either fail or refuse to do so either in whole or in part, will be charged a mandatory $300 service fee per camper by the camp, in addition to the $50 or $80 per-camper medication fee (whichever is applicable) that is charged by the camp.

If you have questions about medications at camp, you may contact the camp office at any time, including prior to submitting this enrollment application. Further information about the handling of camper medications will be made available in the summer forms.


Camp Alonim and American Jewish University (AJU) accept no responsibility for loss or damage to any camper’s property incurred before the session (i.e., while in transit to camp), during the session, or after the session (i.e., items lost or left at camp). Parents take full responsibility for their child’s property. Camp Alonim does not recommend bringing valuables to camp.

Any defacing of camp property discovered during or after the session will result in a damage fee of no less than $75 per offense.

A packing list, including information about items we prohibit, will be available. Prohibited items include, but are not limited to, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs (including cannabis/marijuana in any form), drug/vaping paraphernalia, weapons, knives, and cell phones. Camp Alonim has the right to search your child’s belongings if there is suspicion that they are in possession of items that are in violation of Camp Alonim policies. Campers found to have possessed or used prohibited items may be dismissed.


Packages containing food, candy, or beverages are not permitted. All incoming packages are subject to search. Forbidden items will be confiscated and not returned to the sender or the camper. We do not accept packages that arrive directly from retailers such as Amazon, Target etc. Packages that arrive from retailers will not be given to campers nor returned to the sender.


When you filled out your child’s enrollment application for sleepaway camp, you had the opportunity to request one camper to be placed in the same bunk as your child. While every reasonable effort will be made to honor bunkmate requests that are received in a timely manner, bunkmate requests are not guaranteed. Bunks are assigned at the sole discretion of the camp and are sometimes assigned or modified to accommodate enrollment patterns and group dynamics. Campers are bunked according to grade level. Bunkmate requests are not considered for 10th and 11th grade campers.


Phone calls to or from campers are not permitted during the camp session. Campers are never allowed to possess or use a cell phone while at camp. Parents may call the camp during the session to speak with the Directors and Parent Liaisons. Parents, family members and friends may not visit their child during the camp session. An unauthorized visit may result in the camper’s dismissal from camp, with the entire tuition amount being forfeited.


At the end of each session, an address, phone, and email bunk roster will be made available to the campers in your child’s bunk and/or age group. By submitting this enrollment application, you agree to have your contact information and your child’s contact information included in this roster.

By submitting this enrollment application, you agree that Camp Alonim and AJU have permission to email any member of your family, including your children. You further agree that Camp Alonim and AJU may use any photography, videography, likeness, and/or sound image recordings of your child in any published material related to Camp Alonim and AJU, including but not limited to websites, brochures, and advertising.

By submitting this enrollment application, you agree that the camp has permission to transport your child to/from the campgrounds for any and all trips, competitions, and events.


The rules of Camp Alonim for participation in our programs are the same for everyone without regard to race, color, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, religion, national origin or ancestry, or sexual orientation.