Daily Schedule

Every Day is A Fun Day

While a day at camp can differ slightly by age group, below is a sample daily schedule. For a more detailed explanation of all our activities and how they fit into a camp day, feel free to call us in the office at (877) 225-6646 and we’d be happy to discuss!

8:00     Boker Tov! Good Morning!
8:30     Breakfast
9:15     Bunk Clean-Up
9:45     Jewish Interactive Experiences
10:45   Camper’s Choice – Active Elective
12:00   Israeli Folk Dancing
12:30   Lunch
1:15     Rest Time & Mail Call
2:15     Camper’s Choice – Art Elective
3:15     A Taste of Everything: Rotation Through Camp Experiences
4:15     Free Time & Snack
5:15     Shower Time
6:30     Dinner
7:15     Evening Fun: Carnival, Scavenger Hunt, Sports Night
8:30     Snack & Cabin Time

Lilah Tov! Sweet Dreams!


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