Why I Love Working at Alonim

Why I Love Working at Alonim

Camp Alonim was my Jewish sleepaway camp that I grew up at. After so many years, I understand the sense of community and belonging that this special place provides. I could name countless reasons why I love working at camp, and why I have continued to work at Alonim year after year. However, when I focus in on my biggest takeaway from being a sleepaway camp counselor at Alonim, I realized what I have benefitted from most is a sense of self-realization. No other place in the world challenges you to watch over fourteen campers with completely different personalities and try and bring them all together, to see what they have in common. No other place tests you in a way that being a counselor for different ages truly does. And that is for the best. Camp has taught me to be the truest version of myself while teaching me that failure is okay and that no matter how much you think you can, you cannot get through life alone. That is what I love about being at Alonim.

What I have learned from my eleven summers at Camp Alonim is that in order to get the best out of your camp experience, you must accept the fact you will be challenged in the best ways possible, and understand that what comes after is truly the best part. The memories, the friendships, and the understanding of who you are as a person is something that no other place can provide. Why do I love working at camp? Why do I keep coming back? The answer is simple. It is because upon entering those gates I become the best version of myself. And when camp is over, I can guarantee one thing; that whoever spent their summer at Camp Alonim can confidently say that there was no better way to spend their summer than here.

-Adam N.