We hope to have answered your frequently asked questions below.  If you don’t see an answer to a question you have, please email us at alonim@aju.edu.

Groups at Gan Alonim are organized by grade, so all entering Kindergartners will be in the same group, etc. Therefore, the number of campers in the group varies. However, there will always be at least one counselor for every six campers in Kindergarten and first grade and at least one counselor for every eight campers in second through sixth grades.

Please email your certificate(s) to gan@aju.edu. In the body of your email, please include the name of each child for whom you purchased a certificate, along with his/her grade in Fall 2019, and the week you would like to sign up for. We will reply with the next steps on how to enroll.

The counselors of Gan Alonim Day Camp are entering twelfth-graders who live at camp all summer long. Most of them have completed our Counselor-in-Training program and all have been through a rigorous interview process. After the campers leave for the day, the counselors participate in educational and social activities and plan programs for the Gan Alonim campers.

On most days, we try to keep the campers cool by having them drink water, wear their hats, and stay in shady areas. On some days, it becomes necessary to move the campers inside to air-conditioned buildings for the times when they would normally be outside. And, of course, every group goes to the pool every day!

A camper who has a birthday at camp is a lucky camper! The whole camp will sing to the birthday campers and the counselors will plan something special for that camper during the day.

We offer two optional overnight experiences each summer for Gan Alonim campers entering grades 2-6. We offer both a one-night and two-night overnight where campers who participate eat meals in the Dining Hall with the sleepaway camp, participate in an all-camp program, and then sleep over with their friends and counselors (they sleep inside, not in tents). We offer Gan overnights because is a great way for families to get a feel for the overnight camp experience. For Summer 2019, the overnights are scheduled as follows:

One-night overnight: July 11-12

Two-night overnight: August 5-7

We are proud to offer delicious Glatt Kosher meals for our Gan Alonim campers. The cost of each meal is $8/day, per camper. We are a nut-free facility.

Sack lunches brought from home should be vegetarian, dairy or pareve. The Gan Famly Handbook has suggestions for healthy vegetarian lunches for kids. Just remember, campers are not allowed to bring any nut products in their lunches, and because we are under strict Kashrut supervision, outside meat is not permitted (including Kosher meat).

Gan Alonim Day Camp prides itself on being a place that provides endless fun activities on site. Because we are located at Camp Alonim, we have a variety of activities for all ages that most day campers just can’t offer on site. As a result, we do not offer field trips. Our campers are happy to stay in camp and play all day!

Of course! We offer Open Houses where you can come experience some of the activities we offer during the summer, meet the directors, and take a tour of the camp. Please click here for the dates of our upcoming Open Houses. If one of the Open House dates does not work for you, call our office and set up a time to see the property. 

Our counselors try to prevent homesickness by making sure that each camper is familiar with the others in the group and by being fun to be around. Gan counselors are trainied to give extra attention and then re-integrate the camper into the activity. Campers are less homesick when they are having a good time!

At the camp director’s discretion, the parents of the sick campers will be called during the day. Sometimes the call is just to inform the parents of the child’s condition and sometimes it is a request to have the child picked up. There is a Health Center at camp with a nurse on duty during the day where sick or injured campers are taken for medical care.

Our Early-bird rate is $59/day and is available through March 31st. After March 31st, camp is $65/day. We also have scholarships and sibling discounts available.

The pool is a safe and fun place for campers to cool off and have a good time! Every counselor in your child’s group will get in the pool to play with the campers. In addition to the counselors, there are always trained lifeguards on duty watching the pool from the deck. Swimming is a favorite time of day for most campers – a time for them to play with campers and counselors from other groups, get exercise and develop their swimming skills.

Every day starts with the entire camp community singing songs together at opening circle. After that, each group is off to the first activity. The Gan day is essentially a rotation through the many activities that are offered by our counselors and talented specialty staff. The day ends with more songs at closing circle and then we say goodbye until the next morning.

Shabbat is a very special time at Gan Alonim. Although the Jewish Sabbath doesn’t actually begin until sundown on Friday night, we celebrate it early at Gan! All of the campers gather together and sing songs that they have learned throughout the week. Campers get to eat delicious challah bread that one of the groups braided as an activity and everybody gets a little bit of grape juice.

For the most part, your child will rotate through camp activities with children in his/her own age. However, there are many activities that groups will do together, such as swimming. If two groups do an activity together, the groups are usually only one year apart in age. Occasionally the oldest and youngest groups do an activity together so the older campers can mentor the younger campers. Campers will eat lunch with other campers in their age range. Come Shabbat, every camper sings and dances in the same room!


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