Counseling staff will live in a bunk with campers. Each bunk has an area with counselor beds that is set apart from another area that has camper beds and a bathroom. Specialty staff will live either in a bunk or in separate housing that is located outside the area where the campers live. There will be housing for male specialty staff members and female specialty staff members, the majority of which will live dorm-style. Administrative staff members will live in separate housing as well.

A great majority of our staff were once campers themselves at Alonim. They return year after year to give the campers the same meaningful experience they had as children. All staff is, at minimum, entering their freshman year of college. This means that a majority of our staff has gone through our extensive leadership training programs in their high school years including a full summer of working as counselors in our day camp. This program ensures that our staff is experienced in working with children and has made the transition from being at camp for their own experience to being at camp for the campers.  However, we are always looking for and welcoming to new staff members who bring new energy to the Alonim community.

Yes. During a 2 week session, you typically will receive one 24-hour day off, and during 3 week sessions, you will receive one 12-hour, and one 24-hour day off. Additionally, you are able to go home between each session for approximately 30 hours.

Staff members have designated nights on which they may leave camp for a certain amount of time. The purpose of these nights is for staff to have some time to eat food outside of camp and to hang out a little bit in town. On all other nights of camp, staff is expected to be in camp. There are lots of things for the staff to do at camp at night from participating in activities that are planned just for the staff to hanging out and watching a movie to playing board games with friends.

Staff member’s responsibilities vary depending on the position, but every staff member-from department heads to bunk counselors to lifeguards-is expected to be a model participant. This means that you are fully present at all times, setting an example for the campers, showing them how to participate appropriately at any given moment. This might be how to properly clear your table after a meal, how to behave in services or how to be goofy and have fun during a game.

Staff is expected to follow all rules and policies, attend to the safety and well being of every camper, attend all meals, services and all-camp programs, remain in camp, only leaving at designated times or with the express permission of your supervisor, value each camper for his/her individual uniqueness, and be a model participant at all times.

Yes. Staff orientation takes place the week prior to 1st session. Staff orientation is a mandatory part of being a staff member at Camp Alonim and most importantly, orientation is fun! Not only is it time well spent in preparation for the awesome summer to come, it is a wonderful time to make friendships before the campers arrive.

If you are interested in working at Camp Alonim, but have a conflict with staff orientation, please email Aaron Goldberg, agoldberg@aju.edu, for specifics about your situation.

Yes. We have wireless internet available in the staff lounge for use in your down time.  If you do not have a laptop computer, there will be 2 communal computers for you to use. Your personal cell phone can be used only in the staff lounge and must be out of sight while in the bunks.  Calling cards will be available for sale for long distance calling.

Pay for our counselor and specialty positions are determined by a payscale, which takes into account experience. For positions that require an expertise in a specific field or additional schooling, pay is based on experience and qualifications.

We are located on a beautiful 2,700 acre property tucked into the hills of Simi Valley, CA.  We are approximately 30 minutes north of Los Angeles, just a few minutes off the 118 freeway.

In order to work at Camp Alonim, you must be a high school graduate or older.  To begin the process of applying, please complete a staff application.   

Still in high school? Check out our leadership programs for students entering grades 10-12!

The most important responsibility of everyone on staff, no matter the position, is looking out for the safety and enjoyment of our campers. Counselors and specialists each have an important effect on the campers’ experience, and each position is responsible for making camp run smoothly.  Counselors live in the bunks and are primarily concerned for the daily care of their campers, providing them with the parental-type support during their stay at camp. Counselors also have the opportunity to design and lead various programs for campers throughout the camp day. Specialists are responsible for running many activities that the campers enjoy while at camp — for example, art, aquatics, music, ropes/adventure course, Israeli dance, and mountain biking.  

The difference between the counselor and specialist positions should not be overstated: counselors are also activity leaders, and specialists are also expected to form bonds with campers.  We are One Staff at Camp Alonim. We look to hire fun, exceptional people who have the potential to contribute positively to the camp community.

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