Important Dates & FAQs

Camp Dates

Staff arrive at camp on a variety of dates. By staggering start dates, we are able to tailor training specifically to your job responsibilities. Please refer to your contract for your exact starting date.

Staff Housing

Counseling staff will live in a bunk with campers. Each bunk has an area with counselor beds that is set apart from another area that has camper beds and a bathroom. Specialty staff will live either in a bunk or in separate housing that is located outside the area where the campers live. There will be housing for male specialty staff members and female specialty staff members, the majority of which will live dorm-style. Administrative staff members will live in separate housing as well.

Staff Makeup

A great majority of our staff were once campers themselves at Alonim. They return year after year to give the campers the same meaningful experience they had as children. All staff is, at minimum, entering their freshman year of college. This means that a majority of our staff has gone through our extensive leadership training programs in their high school years including a full summer of working as counselors in our day camp. This program ensures that our staff is experienced in working with children and has made the transition from being at camp for their own experience to being at camp for the campers. However, we are always looking for and welcoming to new staff members who bring new energy to the Alonim community.

Address Information & Phone Calls

Mail is delivered to camp on a daily basis and sorted by the Office Staff for you.

Mailing & Shipping Address:
Your Name
Camp Alonim
1101 Peppertree Lane
Brandeis, CA 93064

Many staff bring their own cell phones to camp so they can easily community with home. We do permit staff to have cell phones, but they can only be used during free time and in specific areas. Cell phones are not permitted in the bunk area and must never be used in the presence of campers. We recommend that staff coming from outside the United States purchase a sim card or cell phone when they arrive at camp.

Incoming calls are accepted by the Main Office, where staff will take messages for you to return during your free time. There are no payphones located at camp and the office does not provide a private place for returning calls. The best plan is to have your own cell phone.

Internet Access

We know how important it is for you to communicate with family and friends who are not at camp. Wireless internet is available in the staff lounge for use in your down time. If you do not have a laptop computer, there will be 2 communal computers for you to use.

Staff Orientation

Staff orientation takes place the week prior to 1st session. Staff orientation is a mandatory part of being a staff member at Camp Alonim and most importantly, orientation is fun! Not only is it time well spent in preparation for the awesome summer to come, it is a wonderful time to make friendships before the campers arrive.

If you are interested in working at Camp Alonim, but have a conflict with staff orientation, please email Aaron Goldberg, agoldberg@aju.edu, for specifics about your situation

Important Information for International Staff

Social Security Numbers

  • We will assist all international staff with obtaining a social security number. All international staff MUST complete their social security forms while at camp.

Medical Forms & Background Checks

  • International staff must bring their completed medical forms and background checks to camp (or provide them to us ahead of time.) We must also obtain a copy of your visa. We need all of these documents in order to provide you with a paycheck. You will also need to bring to camp your passport, I-94 documentation, and DS-2019. If you do not have these items with you at camp, there will be employment problems that may result in your return home.
  • Compensation Information

    Pay for our counselor and specialty positions are determined by a payscale, which considers experience. For positions that require an expertise in a specific field or additional schooling, pay is based on experience and qualifications.

    Paychecks are distributed at the end of each session by Camp Directors. International staff will get paid at the end of 2nd session and halfway through 3rd session. We do not have cash at camp so we are unable to cash your checks or provide for payroll advances. Specific exceptions may be made for international staff to cash their paychecks through AJU prior to the end of the summer.

    Time Off

    Our staff time off can be divided into three categories: hours off, out nights and days off. There are many details about time off that we will review with you during staff training.

    During 2-week session staff members typically receive one 24-hour day off, and during 3-week sessions, one 12-hour and one 24-hour day off. Additionally, staff members are able to go home between each session for approximately 30 hours.

    Days off are arranged once you arrive at camp. We recommend not planning to attend concerts, baseball games, or other commitments prior to arranging your day off with your supervisor. There are no guarantees that you will be able to get these days off.

    For staff needing to attend college orientation during the summer, please consult with Aaron prior to committing to orientation dates.

    Equipment and Packing for Camp

    Camp Alonim is a casual camp, but your personal appearance is important. We suggest bringing comfortable, summer clothing that can get dirty. Most staff will wear shorts and t-shirts every day. We will provide you with a staff shirt that must be worn on Opening and Closing Days of each session. Even though camp is located in Southern California, it can get chilly in the evenings, and we recommend packing some warmer clothes as well. Please check out the suggested packing list in your CampInTouch account for more information.

    Staff from the United States must bring their own sheets, pillows, towels and blankets. Regular, twin-sized bedding will work for most camp beds. We will provide sheets, pillow cases, pillows, towels and blankets to all staff coming outside of North America.

    Laundry service is provided for staff coming outside of North America.

    Don’t worry if you forget something – there is a Target nearby!


    All staff are permitted to bring cars to camp. These cars are the staff member’s responsibility and must be kept in the staff parking lot. Please be aware that we have limited space in the parking lot.

    Any other questions? E-mail Aaron Goldberg at agoldberg@aju.edu

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